Defining Beauty

1 Jul (C) As Stardoll Says

(C) As Stardoll Says 2O1O

This is just something I made because I don’t know how to begin to define this thing we call ‘beauty’.

Is it from within or is it the trends? Is it being unique or is it just pretty?


Stardolls BIG Makeover?

1 Jul

Visit here for more info..

And I’ll be talking about their ‘FAQ’s…


1. Why the makeover?
Because you asked for it! And we think it’s the right time to freshen up the place. We also wanted to make everything easier for you to find, add even more to your playing experience, and to make sure you’re always in the spotlight.

-I think Stardoll is slightly confused. How many of you have actually ever asked for Stardoll to get a makeover? It won’t make things easier for us to find, some of us get confused when ‘big’ changes happen! And as for ‘always in the spotlight’? Well that’s never going to happen. The only way you get noticed is to spend bomb loads on being covergirl :L

2. Will this be a new site or is it still Stardoll?
It will be a bigger, better and brand-new site, but it’s still Stardoll – containing everything you already know and love – and more!

– Uh… it’s only a makeover? They didn’t even imply it was going  to be a new site!

3. What happens with my Stardollars and Starpoints?
No change. They will still be there!

– Like I said up there ^’s only a makeover, NOT A NEW SITE!  ….but a few more Stardollars along with the makeover might be nice :’)


4. Will things in my Suite be moved around and/or disappear?
No. Your Suite will look exactly the same :)

– So.. there’s not going to be a makeover in the suite? And who on earth would think their suite was going to disappear!

5. Will my MeDoll look different?
No. She/He will look as gorgeous as ever!

– So… no changes to MeDolls then either? No new lips, eyes, hairs?

6. Will Starplaza and Starbazaar still be there?
Yes. Everything that is on Stardoll today will still be there – with a new fresher look!

– Not really much of a makeover so far.. what the hell are you actually going to change Stardoll?!


7. Will it cost anything for Non Superstars?
No, just like today, Stardoll will still be free.

– Yep, non superstars can still live the same old, boring life, where you can’t do anything but be hated in clubs and be deprived of the latest fashion. FUN!


8. I am a Superstar now, will I still be one on the new-look site?
Yes, everybody that is Superstar will continue to be Superstars as long as their membership is valid.

– Isn’t that answer a bit obvious much??


9. What will happen to my Album, Sceneries and Clubs etc?
Everything you have created and saved will look the same.

– So no changes to the clubs either?!


SO. In conclusion, I think Stardoll has gone completely bonkers. From what they’ve said, there aren’t going to be any changes to; medolls, suites, sceneries, clubs or albums.   O_O

Ouch. Beauty comes at a price!

27 Jun

Here are three looks created with Luxe Makeup. One of the most expensive brands I have ever did see.


3 Luxe Looks (:


(L to R)

1. Glam Fan

2. Midnight Purple

3. Coral Sand


So.. I think that if you’re going to buy something from Luxe, get the Luxe Lipgloss or the Spring Rain Eyedust… but with the eyedust, you can find a cheaper one at DOT (:


We say bring back Stephora..

..Stardoll says they just wanna make money                                                                             

(as if they’re not rich enough already!)

New Hairs?

26 Jun

What do you think of them?

I edited them onto my doll using Paint in 4 minutes.. I’m actually quite proud lmao


26 Jun

June Hot Buys.. pretty awesome! ;)

1. 1st July – Hotbuys Head Bow – 8/10

Love Love Love! Not many people like green, but I love the colour!  Big hair bows are apparently in this season. I don’t really care about the trends but I think this is one I’ll follow!
2. 3rd July – Hotbuys Heart Shades – 5/10

Well… they’re.. alriiiight.. not my favourite item in the world.
3. 6th July – Hotbuys Patch Dress – 7/10

(this is the pink one)  I actually really like this dress, but I’d have to see the bottom half to it.  The colours in my opinion work really well, but I’d give it a higher rating if it was maybe teal instead of pink (:
4. 7th July – Hotbuys Sandals – 6/10

They’re really nice. But I already own some like these from a while back (and they were HB too!) so maybe if they were more original, they would have gotten a higher score. But also, they’re not very versatile..
5. 10th July – Hotbuys Peace Shirt – 7.5/10

I have to say, I reeeally like this top, but why on earth did they tuck it into the skirt?!  I can see this one being popular (:
6. 12th July – Hotbuys Knee Socks – 8/10

They’re really nice for something pink, and the shape of them is good. I will be getting these if I’m Superstar!
7. 14th July – Hotbuys Earrings – 5.5/10

Not really my cup of tea. The shape of them is a bit odd, and you have to think; what will they go with? They’re quite nice, just not my style…
8. 22nd July – Hotbuys Stud Skirt – 3/10

Ugh, Stardoll, what happened?! This skirt just looks really tacky and the design is well… just no.
9. 27th July – Hotbuys Dress – 10/10

Probably my first ten outta ten you will see for a while now. This dress is just flawless! The design and colours are interesting, and I love the black fabric going across it. <3
10. 30th July – Hotbuys Striped Bag – 6.5/10

Weeell… it’s okay..  -ish…  I think what I don’t like about it is the shape. It’s just not really that nice…


Oh, and as a final note, I accidently put the alternate text as ‘June’ instead of ‘July’.. sorry x)

My First Post (:

25 Jun

Here’s just a little welcome message from me to you. Welcome to the blog.

There we go, let’s get to it.

Oh, and click any of the pictures round here to make them bigger (:


First off, I wanna say that I will not be giving out my username (:

My friend had a blog once where she hated on people so got banned from Stardoll :L


^ This is something my sister noticed and wanted me to put up.


^ Here we have one of our model’s friends, Chloeh222. I like her unique taste in style, and I’ve put up some of my favourite items from her wardrobe in the picture. Here’s why I like them:

1. SJP Dress:  At first I didn’t really know what to think, but then I discovered I actually liked it! I don’t always go for this kinda thing, but I think it suits her medoll well, and the gold and white is a must.

2. Holiday Dress:  I think it’s from the SD Advent Calendar, so I won’t be getting this any time soon unfortunately. But I have to say, this is probably one of my favourite items on stardoll.

3. Designed by Chloeh222:  Okay, so there are better designers out there, but you have to admit, this is just oh-so-cute! xD

4. Basics Turquoise Tube Top:  Oh Basics, you are wonderful..  I love this top because it’s not one of the more popular colours, but it works with her wardrobe very well.


Wow, that’s my first post done, I’ll write again tomorrow or later about the Hot Buys (;

Hello world!

25 Jun

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!